Ciao Bella!

Hello my Love!

You are fantastic and unique!

And you can:


Yes you also can do it!

I did it!

I created a new life of success and a new business in tune with my soul, my mission and my frequency.

I’m Marina Ferrara!

Transformational & Success Master Coach, Energy Alchemist, Vibrational Healer & Energy Artist for intuitive and creative women entrepreneurs.

I help my customers dissolve the subconscious blocks on self esteem and money blocks and to reprogram their beliefs and cellular memories so that they become more confident and live with joyful and higher lifestyle, free and successful.


I lead you to activate intuition and act decisively in your divine feminine power,

to have greater clarity about your life and your business by connecting with your soul and your life mission.

YOU will become magnetic having the Life, the RELATIONSHIPS and MONEY you want and you can create your own.

I’ll reveal the secret of how I made big changes in my life!

My twenty years experience of great transformation of people’s lives, often amazing, has brought great success, satisfaction and rapid results for them and for myself.

To achieve this it took a long journey! … But it is not said, or written that is necessary!

Especially now that the energy of the moment on earth is much more faster and higher.

For years, since a child I was a deep little girl, inspired and restless at the same time. Often dissatisfied and insecure. For years I struggled with myself and with the feeling of not feeling “enough.”
My potential, enthusiasm, strength and quality were there, visible, to all the others, but personally I did not see my value, I was not feeling approved, accepted, loved and appreciated for who I was.

I found later, through the hundreds of people I’ve treated, that whoever lives a sense of personal inadequacy and insecurity has problems very often linked to the lack of these childhood feelings, or received them with expectations and judgment, conditionally and not fully.

As a teenager I had a chance to study, to travel and discover, but there was always within me a sense of dissatisfaction that over time, I found to be linked to the need for confirmation, acceptance, affection, maternal recognition and unconditional acceptance that in my childhood I had not perceived.

Growing up I became more conscious of having great resources, perceptions and brilliant insights, which often helped friends and acquaintances to see new opportunities and perspectives by providing them new successes and unexpected achievements. This made me happy by side, but on the other I was wondering why I could activate these qualities and abilities in them spontaneously and intuitively and not for myself.

With my education and experience of 20 years of spiritual research, Holistic Healing and Coaching I could see that are the subconscious programs recorded since childhood within us that create self-sabotage and lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

These subconscious programs attract in your life negative repetitive events because recorded in your DNA cells inherited from behaviors and experiences of our ancestors, which are passed down to us, just as we inherit the color of eyes or hair.

I kept repeating the same patterns

  • Continue broken relationships with female figures that at my eyes were dressing a certain degree of authority and from which I was often denied or deliberately hindered me.
  • Repeated loss of money in wrong investments by blocking the flow of money, these in particular went back to the experience of deportation to the concentration camp of my maternal grandfather, who had “lost” all. This can often happen to those who have ancestors with this type of experiences.
  • Choices of people who revealed afterwards unreliable.
  • At work I have experienced repeatedly sabotage by women recalling once again the difficulties with the female figure. This almost always indicates that the relationship with inner feminine part isn’t in balance.

Until that moment I had not deleted and changed my mental programs and cellular memories!

In the coming years I chose to divorce from the father of my three children. A very long and painful divorce, so I had to grow up alone as a single mother three wonderful sons, guiding them to the master degree, despite the many educational and economic difficulties.

In life and in business Freedom and Joy of my Soul have always been values ​​that I tried to make prevail, even when it was not easy.

At that difficult time, while I grew up my children, I continued my tireless research as “an explorer of the soul” through continuing education with lectures, courses, treatments, yoga practice and meditation, I began to develop my resources and capacities being even able to renovate and decorate three houses, one where I started and run a Bed & Breakfast, becoming an expert in micro territorial receptivity, when Italy still did not know what a B & B was; in the same difficult period of time, I also attracted a partner who shared my same values ​​and who supported me in my path.

At the same time I started to offer my Vibrational Healing and Reiki sessions, channeling of Soul messages and to create my works of Energy Transformational Art, several times exhibited in important international exhibitions, including Art Basel Miami.

These are valuable talismanic works, mostly in the epoxy resin, semi-precious stones, Swarowski, diamond dust, pigments and gold and silver leaf, in which the luminous energy that is infused through connections I channel of Light Entities, making them powerful energy transformers that bring health, luck, abundance to people, to their environments and offices.

After many courses, many and a lot of money invested on myself and certifications achieved worldwide with the best teachers and mentors I started to recognize my worth, the real one, connected with my essence, with the mission of my soul, to vibrate joyfully in tune with what really was and am, freeing the old patterns!

This is what makes it possible to attract “value” that is ABUNDANCE in all its forms, such as joy, wealth, love, success that gives you real satisfaction.

The real turning point of my life, however, happened when I finally met Hypnosis and Spiritual Regressive Hypnosis, when I found out how simple and rapid Transformation of big and old issues can be and studying the brain and the techniques to change subconscious programs!

So I got certified by the best international schools.

[School OHTC, Hypnosis Clinic Tom Silver, Paul McKenna, the instant hypnosis Anthony Jacquin, with Erickson’s daughter and the Regressive with Brian Weiss]

Since that time I combined all my previous experiences and my life has changed!

I finally learned how to:

  • “Rapid Reprogram” subconscious beliefs recorded in childhood before the age of 7, both in myself and in the many people that over the years, combining the deeper levels of the Superconscious that I had explored for long time.
  • How to erase the memories of losing money in the cells, even unconsciously inherited from grandparents, great-grandparents and ancestors, which cause unhappiness and limit the success and money.
  • How to reset the negative and limiting cellular memories of past lives, or of ancestors.

Since then I have been able to live my dream!

The life I wanted, my personal Divine Dolce Vita, spending much of the year on the most beautiful beaches swimming with the dolphins, travelling to Miami, Monte Carlo, Sardinia, Mexico, Zanzibar, Sicily, but also in cities like Paris, New York, Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice and at the same time achieving my mission: to help women who want to vibrate with joy with their soul, desire the abundance and love this lifestyle.

The life I wanted, my personal Divine Dolce Vita, spending much of the year on the most beautiful beaches swimming with the dolphins, travelling to Miami, Monte Carlo, Sardinia, Mexico, Zanzibar, Sicily, but also in cities like Paris, New York, Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice and at the same time achieving my mission: to help women who want to vibrate with joy with their soul, desire the abundance and love this lifestyle.

I realized my true mission!

With my exclusive program “REPROGRAM YOUR LIFE FOR SUCCESS” I drive with striking results women, like you, who are reading now … it’s not a case (the case does not exist!)

Now you’re ready:

  • To Transform and Heal your soul which reflects also always on the psycho-physical level
  • To Rapid Reprogramming your subconscious limiting programs
  • To overcome difficult times as separation, divorce, loneliness, traumas or bad repetitive habits and emerge reinforced and proud Queen of your Life spreading your unique and precious essence
  • To True Success and Abundance in accordance with your inner divinity
  • To receive and use the channeled messages for your soul, read directly from your Akashic Records (the Cosmic Server where all the memories of thoughts, actions, words are recorded events from the origin of time and resides all the information they access all human beings when they create or invent, as Einstein himself stated)
  • To have clarity on what “powerful” action to take in your life and in your business, leave forever your past fears and enter into a new level of awareness and personal safety
  • To attract new events, new opportunities of life and business aligned with your goals, learning to manifest freely the money you want
This was also my path and since then self esteem and confidence, the ability to be connected to the Source, has brought me success in what I do, to manifest what I want with my feminine power: abundance, money, joy and a lifestyle that I love, live in the house of my dreams, where I happily raised my children, create my own successful online business that gives me and others joy, in the lives of others by activating a transformation that has a positive impact for them, I can travel in the best locations with the most beautiful beaches in the world, since I love the sea and I’m… Marina in name and for a fact!

I allowed myself to manifest the LIFESTYLE of my dreams, my personal real Divine Dolce Vita!

Since then also my Transformation sessions and Vibrational Energy Healing, have become much more powerful and faster.


“REPROGRAM YOUR LIFE FOR SUCCESS” the signature unique method I created, based on all my path, with errors, falls, ascents, success, confidence in mentors with whom I invested in myself, that I have tested and proven helping hundreds people in about twenty years.

REPROGRAM YOUR LIFE FOR SUCCESS is structured 1:1 coaching and at the same time fully personalized Rapid Reprogramming program using deep guided relaxation, where I use Hypno-Coaching, Spiritual Regressive Hypnosis, Energy Transformational Art, Akashic Records Reading, Quantum Vibrational Healing techniques, Sound baths with Tibetan singing Bowls and Art Therapy.

This Signature Program brings you amazing and lasting transformations and results rapidly and easily in your life and in your business.

During VIP INTENSIVE DAYS individual or group of “Reprogram Your Life for Success”, in wonderful locations, where possible I offer also the Water Balance Massage in the heated hot pool.

Energy Transformational Art was born through the creation inspired from Highest Light Levels, of precious talismanic energy art works, unique pieces, tuned or specifically created for the person, its environment and its needs and have the power to support the process of transformation of my clients during my exclusive and unique Rapid reprogramming program,”REPROGRAM YOUR LIFE FOR SUCCESS”.

Thanks to all my path, errors, falls, to go up, the success, trust in change and mentors with whom I invested in myself and thanks to the hundreds of people I have helped in about twenty years I created and tested my exclusive method of reprogramming Quick, Hypno-Coaching and Spiritual Healing “REPROGRAM YOUR LIFE FOR SUCCESS“, which brings transformation and amazing and lasting results quickly and easily.

In my program, which it is a structured way and at the same time perfectly customized to the needs of who I am driving, use Coaching Techniques Reprogramming Fast in states of deep relaxation, hypnosis techniques Spiritual Regression, by the method of Brian Weiss and Healing quantum Holistic, many I channel from the Source to guide my clients to achieve freedom, peace, and lasting change in their personal and professional lives they are seeking. They match sound baths with Tibetan bells and during the days VIP INTENSIVE, and in suitable locations, also the Water Balance Massage.

Energy Transformational Art arose through the high inspired creation of precious talismanic and energetic art works, which are unique pieces, and have been exhibited in some of the most important international exhibitions such as Art Basel Miami. These art works are tuned or created specifically for the person, its environment and its needs and have the power to support and assist the process of transformation of my clients during my exclusive and unique Rapid Reprogramming program, Reprogram Your Life For Success.

What can I do for you?

I help and guide you to:

  • Achieve harmony, security, real success, attracting abundance and money, vibrating in tune with your soul, manifesting pride and joy your true mission and essence, spreading your fragrance, your light, your UNIQUENESS!
  • Overcome your limits, a sense of inadequacy, frustration, the self sabotage, enhance your results aspiring to new, larger, aligned with your frequency and mission.
  • Change and reprogram your mental programs, and your subconscious sabotaging cellular memories, working deep inside unifying body, mind and spirit, with the latest of neuronal reprogramming techniques, spiritual and vibrational, which, together, really make a difference in reaching the goal in a deeper, faster and permanent.
  • Having clarity about what actions to take to develop your power, abandon your past fears and enter into a new level of awareness and personal safety

It does not matter if:

  • You’ve attended many courses and endless or read personal growth books or received treatments of all kinds
  • You’re wondering if it will work for you and if you really deserve more health, more success, more money, a joyful life and rich in every sense,
  • You do not have rewarding relationships or the real achievements and personal accomplishments that truly deserves and desires

I understand your fears, I experienced them all, just like you, and I have passion and love for what I do!

I cannot wait to meet with you!

Join me for a free 30 minute call in which we will evaluate whether to work together is a good option and you can already have mutual new clarity. I respect your and my time, therefore I ask you to book if you feel you resonate with my message and you really want to create your own Divine Dolce Vita!

See you soon!

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