Rapid Reprogram Your Subconscious and start living your Divine Dolce Vita

Are you ready to experience an emotional, spiritual, mental and practical transformation that Rapidly Reprograms your subconscious with Hypnocoaching mind that leads you to live a brand-new life; your personal DIVINE DOLCE VITA?

It’s time to… Stop limiting yourself and dare to live your Sweet Life – Your Divine Dolce Vita!

Ciao Bella, Welcome!

This is the beginning of your New Journey!

A Journey of Transformation,

Balance and Attraction, overcoming old and new subconscious Mental Beliefs, Satisfactions and Realization of Big Dreams.

Nothing by change!.

If you are here it’s because my messages for you and it’s what you need now!

But before we begin, I have one question for you: are you ready to look good, feel better, and begin living your best life?

Finally living your own DIVINE DOLCE VITA?

Becoming the Queen Of Your Life, what you are meant to be?


Spiritual Hypnosis Expert and Vibrational Healer.

Lifestyle Coach, Beauty Inspirer & Energy Artist.

I have spent the majority of my life empowering women through coaching and incorporating spiritual hypnosis techniques and the Rapid Reprogramming Method. I believe in the power of femininity and beauty, and it is my passion to help other badass women unleash this power into their lives.

Changing the Way Coaching is Done!

HypnoCoaching Has Shifted the Paradigm – In Your Favor

So much of what you perceive, think, and feel is buried in your subconscious it can be difficult to access and make changes. It is what provides you with the meaning to all your interactions with the world, as filtered through your beliefs and habits. It is completely subjective and communicates through feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations, and dreams.

As a tool for coping with reality, it can be quite flawed, depending on the experiences you’ve accumulated during your lifetime, often creating blocks that can limit your ability to shine clear and bright. This can lead to internal conflict and a life that is out of balance; where your mind and emotions disagree about what is best for you.

Spiritual Hypnosis, merged with HypnoCoaching, is a transformational approach that enables me to help you reprogram your subconscious, helping you overcome emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, and putting it in balance with the rest of your Self. I use the newest techniques of neuronal, spiritual, and vibrational reprogramming that, once put together, make a real difference in achieving your transformational goal in a deep, rapid, and permanent way.

If you:

  • Still feel like a caterpillar trapped in a bottle that wants to find the way out and turn into the colourful butterfly ready within yourself; or
  • Already feel like a beautiful butterfly, but you still have not spread your wings showing all your BEAUTY

Now imagine that you can get out of the bottleneck and turn into the wonderful multicoloured butterfly that has always been hidden within yourself,

And like a butterfly…

Imagine flying free towards new horizons, new flowers, trees, places, distant beaches you’ve never dared to explore.

Imagine reaching other colorful butterflies that already fly freely and happily, breathing the wonderful scents and alighting on colorful flowers, exploring lands, seas, and distant universes…

Confidently… Courageously… Filled with Self-Love!

Hello, I’m Alessandra, 45 years old, from Milan in Italy. There was a time in my life that I felt lost in my troubles and i couldn’t face all the challenges, both in my private and in professional contexts. Sometimes our all life fades away and we need someone that has a sparkle to highlight it again.Marina helped me focus on my inner talents, she taught me very rapidly, just in 3 sessions, subconsciously and consciously how to relate to my own energy and how to face difficult situations, how to turn them into positive ones, even change my relationships, especially with my elder son. Marina coached me staying beside me to accomplish and apply my changes only for 2 months, and that was the turning point for me. Since we worked together new opportunities showed up and I changed the way I see things around me. Now I’m able to turn difficulties into changes. That’s why I’m really thankful to Marina for being so supportive of me.

Alessandra Strafile

Senior Trainer & Coach


Give me just 30 minutes and I’ll explain how I can help you:

  • Reach Harmony, Self-Esteem, and Real Success, by attracting abundance and money, vibrating tuned with your soul.
  • Clarify and manifest your real mission, goals, and direction with a brighter essence and with renewed pride and joy.
  • Change and reprogram your mental conditioning, subconscious boundaries, and sabotaging cellular memories, healing your Soul wounds at Akashic level, working deeply from inside by unifying Body, Mind, and Spirit.
  • Discover the path to self-respect, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love, and start vibrating at a higher and happier frequency.
  • Attract New Events, New Opportunities, New Money, New Freedom, New Relationships, and New Love.
  • Express your inner and outer Beauty in your personal style and look, spreading your perfume, your Light, your UNIQUENESS!
  • Create Your Divine Dolce Vita!
It does not matter if:

  • You have attended an infinite number of trainings, have read dozens of books on personal growth, or have gone through many treatments;
  • You are questioning whether you deserve more wellness, more success, more money – a joyful and rich life;
  • You haven’t had fulfilling relationships or real personal achievements that you really desire and deserve.

I understand your fears because I had them too!

Overcoming those fears wasn’t easy and, as a result, I made a promise to myself… I would never again waste my time and life on things that do not matter. And, I would also help other women do the same – women like me, and like you.

I work with heart-centered, talented, intuitive, and creative women and entrepreneurs, seriously ready to believe and invest in themselves, knowing that nothing can change if they don’t decide to change and transform. If you allow me to be your guide to greater self-confidence self-esteem, and self-love, I’m ready to take you by hand with love and determination.

I will show you why finding success and fulfillment requires a new way of thinking, a connection with your soul, a high cellular frequency that opens and expands your Heart and Soul fields.

We will work together to rapidly reprogram your self-image, your values, your potential, your money story, so that you can manifest your uniqueness and attract the abundance you deserve – in all areas of your life – in a balanced, harmonious way!

Working with Marina I had some major breakthroughs. I contacted her to help me with a nervous tick - picking the skin around my nails until they bled. After just 2 sessions the tick was gone, despite it having been a habit for as long as I could remember. It felt so freeing to be released from it.

After that, came another major breakthrough: after feeling isolated for a long time and wanting to find my “tribe” I started to manifest connections with new people, who I connected with on a soul level. These connections have blossomed into both friendships and business partnerships.

Finally came the 3rd breakthrough. As a self-love coach I have been practising self-love for years, and I’m even writing a book about it. But after working with Marina I actually experienced the feeling of being IN LOVE with myself for the first time ever! This was huge as I had spent most of my life not loving myself. All the techniques and tools I had gained helped me be loving towards myself, but it was a practice, not a feeling.

I can now truly say that I LOVE MYSELF

Thank you Marina for everything!!

Victoria Peel-Yates

Health Coach

I will help you to Create Your New Personal Life Style…

your Divine DOLCE VITA!