From high managers to dancers, hypnotherapists, as well as new coaches, nutritionists, and even clients that wanted to create their new business but had no idea what it was at the outset. Here’s what a few of my past clients have to say about working with me:

Hello, I’m Alessandra, 45 years old, from Milan in Italy. There was a time in my life that I felt lost in my troubles and i couldn’t face all the challenges, both in my private and in professional contexts. Sometimes our all life fades away and we need someone that has a sparkle to highlight it again.Marina helped me focus on my inner talents, she taught me very rapidly, just in 3 sessions, subconsciously and consciously how to relate to my own energy and how to face difficult situations, how to turn them into positive ones, even change my relationships, especially with my elder son. Marina coached me staying beside me to accomplish and apply my changes only for 2 months, and that was the turning point for me. Since we worked together new opportunities showed up and I changed the way I see things around me. Now I’m able to turn difficulties into changes. That’s why I’m really thankful to Marina for being so supportive of me.

Alessandra Strafile

Senior Trainer & Coach

Marina has changed my mindset completely. I now have completely transformed and enlarged my vision on what my life can look like. She has helped me to release my limited ideas of what my life,my relationships and my career “should” be.
She also opened the door to make my dreams of starting a business without fear become real , and empowered me to move towards being my own boss. Marina inspires. She cuts to the core of roadblocks and ignites passion to take action. She is makes things happen, and brings that high energy to her clients by providing high value and high vibration in all of her contents.

Valentina Lingsu Zhao

Life Coach

I have to say a big thank you to Marina because she has helped me through her 3 months coaching program “Reprogram your life” to renew my life, to think in a different way, to create my new identity overcoming the blocks I’ve always had of feeling my self not good enough to achieve great goals, of playing small, not daring to take my space in my family, in my life, in the world. During the program there have been moments that have been tough, where I had to decide to come out of my comfort zone, but she was always there, strong and soft at the same time. Her deep inner transformational sessions help to make it faster and easier. Now see my self confident, I have taken big decisions, getting rid of connections that were draining me. I’ve found my mission, my direction and I’ve created my Brand new business for Facial Yoga that is giving me great satisfaction and money. Thanks again Marina.

Petra Miklus

Facial Yoga Trainer

Working with Marina I had some major breakthroughs. I contacted her to help me with a nervous tick - picking the skin around my nails until they bled. After just 2 sessions the tick was gone, despite it having been a habit for as long as I could remember. It felt so freeing to be released from it.

After that, came another major breakthrough: after feeling isolated for a long time and wanting to find my “tribe” I started to manifest connections with new people, who I connected with on a soul level. These connections have blossomed into both friendships and business partnerships.

Finally came the 3rd breakthrough. As a self-love coach I have been practising self-love for years, and I’m even writing a book about it. But after working with Marina I actually experienced the feeling of being IN LOVE with myself for the first time ever! This was huge as I had spent most of my life not loving myself. All the techniques and tools I had gained helped me be loving towards myself, but it was a practice, not a feeling.

I can now truly say that I LOVE MYSELF

Thank you Marina for everything!!

Victoria Peel-Yates

Health Coach