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Want to experience the joy of unbridled, abundant living?

It’s easier than you think!

Whether you are a driven business woman struggling to find happiness and balance in life and relationships, a single mom struggling to find peace and satisfaction, or a woman wanting to make a difference in the world but struggling with self-doubt and insecurities, the rapid reprograming method is for you! Maybe you’ve been worn down by life. You used to love dressing up for yourself and exploring your sensual side. You used to make time for friends and relationships but now you only focus on your work. You used to love dating but now it’s become less satisfying than it used to be. It’s time to wake up and align your femininity with the Law of Attraction. Start getting more out of life again, and start feeling like the badass woman that you are! By exploring and applying the techniques and practices that I’ve mastered over the past 20 years, I can help you do just that!

The process is simple, and I’ll walk you through each step:






It sounds like magic, but it is rooted in ancient science and spiritual techniques that work the same today as they always have. You can experience the abundant joy of transformation in your own life, and it starts by focusing on the beauty, uniqueness, and power that comes from within — your divine femininity!

Coaching and Training Programs for Women of the World (WOW) who want to easily and finally transform their lives by finding clarity on their direction, overcoming money blocks, and increasing self-confidence.

Do you desire to…

  • Transform your life into something wonderful that includes travel, freedom, and living at the sea? (Si Grazie)
  • Live your Divine Dolce Vita, discover what you really love, and express your creativity? (Yes, Please)
  • Become crystal clear on your goals and uncover your purpose in both your business and your life consciously connected with your Soul? (Yes, now!)

Sounds Great, Right?

Well, to achieve your desires, you need to:

  • Stop thinking you’re not good enough to achieve your best in your career and relationships
  • Quit suppressing your power and limiting yourself from going after what you truly want,
  • Ditch the negativity and stop thinking that you deserve a hard or painful life

I can help you – even if:

You’ve attended countless personal growth seminars, read every self-development book you could get your hands on, and sought help from various professionals.

You’ve started to ask yourself if you really deserve happiness or a joyful and abundant life

You’ve started to wonder if you can actually have gratifying relationships while maintaining a deep connection to yourself

If you’re ready to experience an emotional, spiritual, and mental transformation, you’re in the right place!

I’m Marina Ferrara, Online Transformational Success Coach working internationally who uses holistic, scientific, neural, and emotional healing techniques to help my clients achieve freedom, peace, and long-lasting change in their personal and professional lives


These days I work with clients to help them overcome tremendous emotional, energetic, and relational blocks in their life so that they can truly live their Divine Dolce Vita!

In addition to being a Transformational Success Coach I’m also a:

  • Total Wellness Personal and Mental Trainer,
  • An expert in Hypnosis with a certificate from OHTC,
  • Transformational artist using energy in my work

I started doing this work more than 20 years ago after taking my first course in Dynamic Mental Techniques and have worked with hundreds of clients.

So I’ve used meditation practices, done spiritual research with Indian Masters (Yogananda, ancient healing vibrational techniques),Quantum Healing with Matrix Energetics, studied NLP, Hypnosis with Richard Bandler and the best masters,

I started this work in order to heal myself on a deep subconscious, spiritual and emotional level so that I could become the best version of myself. Every technique and practice I learned was essential to my journey and have also given me the skills and tools I need to help my clients achieve fast results (that last).

Transformation has been a part of my life since the beginning. I have transformed everything I could get my hands on from houses to my career, my education, and artwork. It’s been a skill I’ve used through the most difficult transitions in my life.

  • Raising children as a single mom of three boys who have grown into very successful adults who have advanced degrees and careers
  • Going through a painful divorce while becoming manager in a great mlm Company
  • Becoming a successful Hypno- Coach & Energy Transformational Artist combining also my intuitive and vibrational healing gifts

I created a tested Method “Reprogram Your Life for Success” , that works inside out directly on your mental, cellular and energetic patterns with the newest brain reprogramming and quantic technics and most antique vibrational and healing technics unified together. I’ve been using this Method with great success and results in my Coaching Program for many years and on hundreds of people.

My signature program, “REPROGRAM YOUR LIFE FOR SUCCESS”™ is a one-on-one program for who, mostly women, desire to embrace freedom, live an abundant lifestyle, and make more money, living their passions and doing what they love.

It’s a coaching package in a league of its own.
I help you to be proud and fond of what you are, rewrite your story in and out.

I take you from where you are now to where you have always wanted to be, to feel confident and happy with yourself and Having the right mindset that creates your new and life-style and freedom, attracts abundance, money and loving relationships and make you live your passions. Clients have told me that before we worked together they were stuck thinking success wasn’t even an option.

This program is for you if you think you feel there are blocks and money issues in your life and you don’t feel completely happy, serene, centred aligned in your self totally fulfilled even if you have had achievements in your life and you think that enjoying life and success is true only in stories or in movies. You can’t reach the top of the mountain If you think others can do it but you can’t.


I boost your self-confidence and self-esteem because success requires a mind-shift.

We’ll work together to Find out your true essence and power and re-write your money story, equip you to receive abundance, and empower you for long-lasting business success and if necessary I’ll help you to create and invent your new look and business.


I’ll guide you in every step you will need to make. I will pass all my know- how and experience at 100% with transparency. I’ll teach you amazing strategies that will make you feel a new you, create your new lifestyle and attract new group of pairs. I truly believe that if I can do it, you can do it too!


During the program, I’m your biggest supporter and trusted confidante. I’ll be there to support you during our coaching calls, I’ll be your hand on your first steps towards your new achievements, and I’ll help you come out with real potential and the true best of yourself, your unexpressed o underexpressed talents and carachteristics.


Think of me as more than a coach. While you’re implementing this program I’ll act as your life and business partner. I keep you at the top of my mind and truly take a vested interest in your success.

This program gives WOW Women, Women of the World and Creative Enterpreneurs, as Coaches too, the confidence they need to be happy and satisfied in themselves and to shine as the star they are becoming visible in the crowded mass. 

Together we’ll:

  • Bust the voices in your head saying you’ll never make it, you can’t make any money or have a life rich of Joy and Success, reset ancient and new memories from your mind and from your cellular DNA memory also from your ancestors tree, that have hold you back until now and that is one of the biggest point of strength of this unique program
  • Get over and melt your fears, uncertainty and your thoughts that only others can succeed and there is not the right place for you in society and in business
  • Get you a new crystal clear mindset on what you want to reach and where you want to go. Learn how to set your goals short, medium and long term and set them first outside, then program (or train) your mind to reach them easily, securely and lasting. Boost your energy that will make you start acting differently since the beginning.
  • Create when necessary your new look that helps give you a new confidence.
  • Bridge the gap between you and your inner source so you don’t have to be afraid to show who you really are and start walking on the bridge that brings you “Over the Rainbow”.

Stop waste your money on millions of treatments and courses and start living a shining life.

Reprogram Your Life For Success” isn’t just your typical coaching program.

I show you that you can move from striving to thriving in your life as in your passion-based business today! You don’t have to wait another minute!


    1. Practical on line live guided mental training sessions with me to gain confidence in your ability to erase your painful past from your mental blocking programs.
    2. Practical on line live guided mental training sessions with me to transform any obstacle or situation in an opportunity for you and to create an abundant lifestyle doing what you love.
    3. Specific session on how to change or improve also your external image and look with Style as expression of who you truly are
    4. Recorded transforming and empowering sessions to reinforce and maintain any achievement during and after “Reprogram your life program for Success”.
    5. The strength to step outside your Comfort Zone and become the shining star you’re meant to be.
    6. The Personal Satisfaction that comes from having an impact on the world while enjoying a limitless life.
    7. The Freedom to break free from the limited idea of yourself so you can stop feeling unhappy, frustrated, and stressed.
    8. The Money Mindset and Courage it takes to be successful in everything you decide you want to achieve and do.
    9. Access to a (special price) unique chance to have a customized and precious Transformational Art Work for you and your ambients that will help you to faster boost your Change of Lifestyle and differentiate you, and clearly maintain your Energy high and your mind focused.
    10. Complete Clarity on your life mission and business best attitude or position – you’ll be able to effortlessly attract people who you armoniously vibrate with and enjoy to work with.
    11. Suggestions and chance if you feel to create your online irresistible Business Program to your ideal client so you can create more wealth and freedom in your life Complete clarity on how to setup your Business and Online Marketing Systems so you’ll work LESS while making MORE
    12. Access to recorded Mental training Session to exercise your mind and keep it on the path.

Access to the extraordinary weekly or daily “Reprogram Your Life To Success Retreats” in extrahordinary locations in the nature, where the environment support your Transformation with its Force and Energy.

I know that each woman I work with arrives with her own unique story and background.

I’ll meet you where you are and take the time to get to know you so we can create a tailor-made experience just for you.

Promise: (if you follow me) I’ll take you “Over the rainbow and make You fly and shine”.

Month One – Recognize – Reset – Release

Month Two – Reprogram your believes and values priority. New Crystal Clear Vision and goals setting

Month Three – Reprogram deeply inside.

Mental training sessions. Change your mindset, Unleash your inner power and Start attracting new events and acting differently empowering new believes

Realising and materialising the inner change in reality Of your life. From Hiding to Shining.

It’s time to commit to get what you want!


  • 4 online Monthly (one per week) online Coaching and Mental Training Session With direct access to me One hour each
  • Training videos, so you can follow along with a step-by- step guide. We’ll cover the soft skills, like your confidence and presence, then let you loose so you can conquer the tech skills.
  • Recorded Mental training Audios With new technology for brain washing and brain reiforzing new positive believes.
  • Positive affirmations audios to master your mind
  • Unlimited access to all the course content and any future updates in our exclusive membership site.
  • The Brilliance Blast: Freaking awesome PDF’s, audios, and videos so no matter how you learn – I’ve got you covered every step of the way!
  • Live feedback and interaction Via email with me
  • Facebook (Group) Lovin’ – Access to an intimate and exclusive FB Group where I’ll be interacting with you throughout the course! You’ll find support, celebration, and feedback from other ladies as well

Did someone say bonuses? …

Yup,they’re included with your investment! I go above and beyond for my clients so during our four months together you’ll get Individualized support to grow your dreams.

I also include:

  • Kick-off Deep Dive First Session I’ll give you as much time as you need so we can assess where you are and make a game plan for the future of your business. (Value $750)
  • Exclusive Email Access – Email me anytime during the workweek to check in, bounce ideas off of me, or to get me to review your progress. (Value $2800)
  • Unique Hearth Coherence Incredibly Empowering Audio with a always available boosting Energy (Value $150)
  • Unique customised session for creating your new look connected with your true essence (Value $500)
  • Unique one Frequency Transforming Treatment Session with Singing Bowls played by me (Value $250)
  • Special bonus to get your personal Tansformational Art Work created to improve and boost your Rapid transformation (Value $500)
  • Special bonus to access to the extrahordinary world located “Reprogram Your Life For Success Retreats” (Valuje $800)

What the heck are you waiting for?

This step–by-step game plan is only for women who are serious about building a thriving new lifestyle for women who desire to live an abundant lifestyle, don’t set limits on their goals and income goals, and aren’t afraid to be fiercely visible for what they truly are.

In only 3 months tops!

I know what it takes to succeed online and off

  • I’ve got Universitary Language and Humanistic Studies, Master Coaching and Hypnosis Certifications of most important international schools.
  • I’ve spent 35k + years perfecting my skills, and I enjoy a 6-figure income!

I see opportunities everywhere I look. My experience shows that you can make the difference in your life, get where you want to be, live your passions and transform your life and business into something great and aboundant.


Give Me A New Fulfilling And Rich Of Everything Life! My Dolce Vita!