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Before scheduling your call, please fill out this form to the best of your ability. This will give Marina an opportunity to serve you the most during your free strategy call.

If you also want to become Queen of Your Life

Contact me to request a free 45 minute Clarity Call to qualify for one of my individual programs
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I work with you only if you are a person motivated to change, a woman who wants to be a leader of herself, determined.

Ready to invest all of yourself with energy, heart, time and money (this  is an exchange energy on this planet) to be and get what you want in your life.

If you think you have these requirements fill out the questionnaire form at the link below:

Clarity call EN

Step # 1: Frame

How will be the meeting in detail

We will do 30-40 minutes of "Call Clarity", a free online consultation, visual, via Skype, or larger, or FB Messenger, or video What'App.

You'll have to make sure to be in a quiet room and devote to this call of the utmost importance, time, and dedication because it could be the tool that will allow you to choose to change your life. So take time and space, and ask your family or those around you to leave you quite.

I ask you to be punctual. If necessary to change your appointment, let me know at least 24 hours before.

I respect your and my time, and I ask you to do the same.

The purpose

With this free consultation you will be able to figure out where you are in this moment of Your Life and how to reprogram your brain, achieve rapidly and effectively, your goals, manifest Your Uniqueness, liberate Your True Potential, setting you free from your old and new limiting beliefs and see if you can access my exclusive Hypno Coaching Program "REPROGRAMMING YOUR LIFE FOR SUCCESS ", which has enabled hundreds of people in more than 20 years to transform rapidly and permanently.

The timings

The consultation will last approximately 30-40 minutes

The attention

It 'important for you to put aside all distractions , find the right and quite space to get the most from this consultation that will now give new clarity to understand whether and how to work with me to exceed your limits and achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible

Step # 2: Objective

Measurable outcomes

With a clear deadline

Step #3: Relationship

Why are you here?
Similar actions, Similar outcomes

Step # 4: Survey

Solutions currently applied.

What is not right anymore.
Importance of the solution.
Cost of inaction.

Decision maker

Step # 6: Price

Currently you only have 4 different ways to work with me:

1. Path / Package 5 Hypno / Short Coaching sessions

2. Half-day Vip Intensive
1. reset the old mental patterns with a Hypno Coaching session
2. Discover mission and objectives - Miracle Question. Making clarity and having resources e activate tools.
3. Structuring goals and empowerment for achievement

3. Intensive VIPs of a day

4. A unique and exclusive program "Reprogram Your Life for Success", which lasts 3 months, (8 weekly sessions and 3 Follow Up Sessions at a distance of 15 days each)

In my complete Program "Reprogram your Life for Success" is included the Bonus of a Sound Bath session of Alignment and Energy Healing with Tibetan Bowls played directly by me (online), specifically for the person.

Phase # 7: Investment

I work only with clients with I believe there is the right feeling to optimize results, which is the basis and the guarantee for both, for building something really positive and transforming, and it is also thanks to this approach that customer success is always greater than expected

Talk soon.

Love Joy & Abundance

Transformational & Success Master Coach

Vibrational Healer

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