Transformational Elite & Exclusive VIP Intensive Yacht Retreat

Have you been looking for a way to transform your life and business to what you desire? 

Have you always wanted to be able to overcome the subconscious blocking patterns that have been sabotaging your life? Your success? And, your relationships: not allowing you to express the powerful resources you have at your disposal with clarity and determination?

Do you have amazing, special and unique ideas, but just haven’t found the a way to implement these and make them become reality? 

An amazing one time opportunity has arisen, where you can be a part of an Elite and Exclusive VIP Yacht Retreat with me:, Marina Ferrara,

Transformational Master Coach & Vibrational Healer, Expert in Hypnosis and Spiritual Past Life Regression!

This Transformational Exclusive VIP INTENSIVE Yacht Retreat will start from the famous and very luxurious Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo – a place where many famous VIPs spend their vacations: in their villas and on their own yachts!

By famous, who do I mean? Well: Sting; Paris Hilton; Leonardo di Caprio Totti and Elton John – to name just a few (as most famous people have been to this amazing place)…  

…A place where the sea truly is the colour of an emerald!

Imagine… being able to lie in the sun, while being cradled by the glittering waves of the sea… surrounded by true luxury… eating amazingly fresh seafood and genuine Italian cuisine… All the while having the opportunity to discover “you” and your true potential – while relaxing in this divine setting!

In just two days, I will support you to transform yourself: allowing you to heal and release emotional blocks – using my proven techniques of Hypno-Coaching, Spiritual Healing and Vibrational Energy Healing; combined with my “Rapid Reprogram Your Life for Your Success” Method. At the end of these two days you will be able to live your very own Divine Dolce Vita Lifestyle!

What if you want more? Well, my very own Virtual Assistant will be exclusively available to support you to implement your business ideas: allowing these to become reality! Your own website creation, and the strategies needed to start an exciting and wealthy online business; if, this is part of your goals!

This unique opportunity will take place between 19 and 20 June 2017… Do you want to be a part of the Elite and have the chance to be a part of the Exclusive VIP INTENSIVE Yacht Retreat with me?

Book an Exclusive VIP Yacht Retreat Clarity Call with me for further details, and I will tell you all about how we can ensure you start living your Divine Dolce Vita Lifestyle!

There are only a few days to confirm your participation… The amazing yacht I usually use has to be confirmed in just two short weeks!

This unique opportunity is available for only 2 to 4 determined women (4 if you share your twin cabin with a friend); and this HAS TO BE CONFIRMED BY 28 May… To ensure that this is the right choice for you, and that we are a good match; we will first discuss the outcomes you desire via a Clarity Call. 

Time is running out to take part in this exclusive opportunity