Because Fabrizio Frizzi’s smile reaches the heart. The contagious power of the smile changes your life.

The Smile Is Friendly And Gives Well-Being: The Science Says It

SorrisoAn affectionate and grateful greeting to Fabrizio Frizzi, the character of the show that in recent days has left us and that in its authenticity, simplicity and cheerfulness and with his contagious smile has managed to get to the heart of many people.

Even his way of leaving the body has happened in harmony, doing the last day of life what he has always liked, that is to show, despite having health problems for some time.

What had Fabrizio so infectious?

It was his smile, that he knew how to reach people and infect them, bringing pleasantness, serenity and joy.

Why is the smile so contagious?

A German research on the impact of Botox injections on the emotional experiences of men and women.

The investigation confirmed Darwin’s hypothesis about the facial response, which claimed that emotions could be altered by the activity of the facial muscles.

In fact, whenever I am stressed or upset, I look in the mirror and smile and my mood changes very quickly, it may seem silly, I know, but it is a surprisingly useful and valuable exercise.

I thought it would be great to be able to share this trick and the happiness of being able to smile.

Therefore there is a science of smiles.

Smiling stimulates the production of endorphins.

Have you ever held a pencil with your teeth?

Researchers have verified that by intentionally exercising your zygomatic muscles and orbicular muscles this simple movement immediately makes us feel much better.

It’s as simple as holding a pencil between your teeth and smiling!
So what happens in our brains when we smile?

Imagine you are in a pleasant situation and come across a friend you have not seen in the street for a long time. When we are happy and feel really satisfied, our brain produces endorphins, which are transmitted to the muscles of the face to generate a smile.

This is the beginning of the positive feedback cycle of happiness.

When our muscles contract, they send a signal to the brain, stimulating a response from the system that further increases our level of hormones of happiness, or endorphins and triggering the virtuous cycle of well-being.

In short, when our brain feels “happy”, we smile; when we smile, our brain feels happier.

In English they say: Fake it until you make it! That is: “Pretend as long as you can not!” … Until it becomes real!

Yes, if you want to be happy, smile.

Thanks to the positive feedback loop of the smile, we can alter the path of the emotional processing of our brain to really feel happier with one.

Smiling is contagious!

Is it difficult to make a smile for you? No problem.

You’re with people who smile.

A Swedish study has found that it is certainly difficult to keep an angry expression when you look at people who are smiling at you.

Seeing the smile of others stimulates our mirror neurons to suppress the control of our facial muscles and triggers the smile.

Sorriso actually has a scientific reality!

In addition, the smile also brings general well-being, and the advantage of lowering anxiety, lowering blood pressure and heartbeat.

The level of happiness that a smile can bring to our brain is estimated to be equivalent to that of 2000 chocolate bars, or to receive £ 16,000 (from English study). As a result, it is not necessary to consume chocolate or receive money to be happy.

A simple smile can do it!