toxic relationship

Toxic Relationships

 Have you ever experienced a one-way or toxic relationships in life?

Of friendship, love, kinship, closeness or connectivity?

Whatever it is, is it not time to choose your relationships more wisely?

Perhaps it’s time to decide who to surround yourself with in life?

Isn’t it time to stop with the ‘goodness’ that has been forced upon you from an early age?

Should you always turn the other cheek?

“Say thank-you to the nice lady”, “smile to your neighbor” (even if he’s a total asshole), “just let it go”, “turn the other cheek”!

With these sales pitches they have filled your life with, making you unable to “feel”, to listen to what you really want in life, who you want close to you, to realize when relationships are one-way.  To just accept anything.

Yesterday I worked with a client who was so lost because of “being good”.

She no longer knows who she is, what she wants, until yesterday she felt guilty for everything, for what she didn’t say, for what she did, for what she didn’t say and do.

For how he answered or did not answer.

Enough with being ‘Good’ all the time

It is time to stop with this ‘goodness’ consisting of what you are not, do not think or do not feel.

It’s time to give space to what you feel, to get into the feeling, the idea and actualization that “you come first”!

And not out of lack of respect or indifference to others, but out of love and respect for yourself and to allow you to come out into the open.


With your uniqueness, for better or for worse (often simply what is inconvenient to others who want it for their benefit and use).

Choose your friends wisely

Learn to choose friendships, relationships, colleagues (who you want to hang out with or spend your time with) and not for good-naturedness.

Choose to be yourself even if it sometimes means ending relationships, which are toxic in any case, even if it means risking being unfriendly and in some cases periods of being alone.

But when you get rid of a one-way or toxic relationship, where you just give, where you’ve always allowed to take and without listening to your feelings

 … you will feel light,

 … you will feel yourself!

And feeling what you truly are, what you feel without treading on yourself is the first task you can do for yourself.

Only then can you “choose” to be generous.

Choosing means being aware and therefore free!

Free to say yes or no!


This is my main ask from you as we start 2020.

Get the deadwood out of your life of any kind, without guilt and with respect for you.


Become Queen (King) of Your Life!

Love Joy & Abundance

Mary 🧚‍♀

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